The Characters

Meet the characters and read the background details of how Cassie and Richard met and find out what makes this love trilogy so blistering hot.


Sometimes, when I’m talking to him about something he doesn’t want to hear, he looks at me like he’s thinking …… “Ohhh…. you are so short and cute trying to tell me something. I’m not even paying attention.” And yet, I still love him. I have any number of reasons to love him, but it’s mostly because of the dick.

No, I’m just kidding. I love him for some very good reasons. And because he’s really pretty with a big dick. No, I’m just kidding, again. I just have this really good feeling around him most of the time. It’s like being in a roomful of puppies. I enjoy him. He fascinates me a couple of times a day. And being desired by him is such a rush. I guess I’ll have to have kids. Maybe go skiing, horseback riding. Learn how to sail. Still not going camping.

I especially love the closeness with him. He does this thing. We’re at a party and Richard will be sitting at the bar with his boys. He’ll call me over, and I’m pulled into standing between his legs, leaning, my back to his chest, his arms around me. Just so he can whisper something sweet, or silly, or nasty to me. Be alone with me in a crowd. I love that.

Richard: Major virtues…. Protective, affectionate, relatively cooperative, sweet, romantic, smart.

Richard: Major flaws….. Occasionally really stupid.


“So you need me to tell you why it’s her? Why I have to have her? There are some obvious things… the way she looks, her butt, the way I feel when I’m around her, in her. But, honestly, I have no idea. Really, I don’t care. The only relevant thing is that’s how it is. And it seems like it’ll always be that way. I’m alright with that.”

Name: Richard L. Lovett
Sex: Terribly male
Age: 35
Hgt: 6’5″
Wgt: 240 lbs.
Eyes: Pretty light brown eyes

Distinguishing features: Two facial scars, silky smooth, seamless brown skin, limited body hair, thick body build with large hands, big feet… big lips…. big dick.

Hobbies: Enjoys PS3, movies, obscure math problems and creating
software, basketball, eating pussy and fucking for extended periods of time.

Linda and Garrett

Q: So, how long have you two been together?
G: Over a year, three months living together.
L: He begged me to move in.
G: I asked nicely.
L: Flowers, dinner and keys on a gold and diamond keychain.
Q: Sounds good to me. How’d you hook up?
L: I saw him at a business party with his boys. Thought he was really cute, so I walked over, introduced myself and asked him to ask me to dance.
G: You were there with somebody.
L: Yeah, but I was just letting him have a little hope, and you were the cutest thing with your little mustache and all. And I could feel you wanting me.
G: I didn’t even know you were there.
L: Liar. I saw you seeing me.
Q: Is it like this all the time?
G: All the time.
L: Please, you love it.
G: True.
Q: So, as I understand it, you got Cassie and Richard together.
L: I certainly did. Set the whole thing up.
G: I helped.
L: Yes, you did, baby.
Q: What prompted you to do it?
L: It just came to me. Richard was unattached and Cassie was horny. I thought they might like each other.
G: She just wanted a couple we could hang out with.
L: Is that so wrong?
G: No, baby. It was a good idea.
Q: How so?
G: Well, Rich is my best friend, Cassie’s hers. It’s very logical.
Q: Well, it seems to have worked out. They got married.
L: Mmm-hmm. We were there. Another instance of me putting it together.
G: I helped.
L: Yes, you did, baby.
Q: What would you say makes them compatible?
G: They’re both smart, they think the same things are funny. She handles him very well, and he likes the way she does it. I think he’s fascinated by her in some way.
L: And they have sex a lot. They’re like rabbits.