Explicit Excerpts

Vol. I You Should Have Told Me
C: I need you to fuck me, Richard. Could you do it now, please?

His voice was low, deep. He smiled at me.
R: Cassie……. I’ve been waiting all day to do that, to you.

I raised myself up on my knees, off his lap. I heard him unbuckling his pants and unzipping with one hand, while he hugged me to him with the other.

C: I can’t see. I can’t see you.

His didn’t reply. He just spread my legs and lowered me down, onto the head of his penis. I felt the knob push between my labial lips and come to rest at the entrance to my pussy. It felt big. He put his hands on my hips and looked up at me.
R: You ready?
C: Yes.
R: How would you like to meet him? Fast or slow?
C: I don’t know…………… yes, I do (just dive in)…………. Fast.

He thrust into me as he pulled me down by my hips, and I was split apart. It was fast, so quick, it took me several seconds to register it had happened. Our hips were flush and he was buried in me to the hilt. I was full, really full–too full. He was everywhere. For a moment, I panicked, trying to move to get off of that thing, but he wouldn’t let me. He held me there, not moving, not fucking me. Just in me. Hot and impossibly hard, pulsing. Splitting me in half. All I could feel was his presence. I seemed to be dancing, dancing all around his dick. I lay against him, panting from the feeling. It was hard to think, keep my mind clear.

C: Richard, Richard..… I didn’t realize…..I think you’re too big, for me.
I don’t think, I can take you……Seriously, I really don’t.

R: It’ll be fine, baby. You’ll get used to him………….…God, you’re tight.

He started to move in and out of me. Small, patient thrusts at first. Steady pumps, like a metronome. As the shock lessened, I started to respond to the friction within. Relaxing into the feeling of him sliding back and forth, in and out of me. He was right; I was getting used to him, and he felt good. I wanted some more, I needed some more, so I lifted my hips to accommodate him. Give him more room to work. His strokes came harder, faster, and I began to bounce, swiveling my hips to feel him rotate inside me. I swear he got harder and my insides seized up, clutching at him like a vise. I’d never been that hot or that open, before. All of a sudden, every hit of Richard’s dick was causing a wave of explosion up my body, and I was cumming, again. My back arched, my head flew back. I tried to scream, but no sound came out. And then, it stopped. He stopped it. He grabbed my hips and held me down, his penis firmly embedded in me, and he said,

R: Not yet.

Vol II Control
Richard rammed into me with so much force, I was shocked. He was fucking me fast and hard, and I was glad I wasn’t a virgin, or I’d have passed out. He was slamming me so many times. I laid my head down on the counter and closed my eyes, grunting with each hit. He had his hands on my back, pressing me down as he pummeled me.

After the initial shock was over, I started to feel my own arousal rise. It was different. Richard hadn’t tried to bring up my desire with his lips or his hands. My response was purely to the sensation of this big ass dick ramming me over and over again, hitting that nerve cluster at the base of my slit, making me vibrate, making me shudder. I lifted my hips to give him even greater access to me, and I felt the cluster begin to freak. It was electric shocks, random, striking out from my pussy, trailing up through my body. Raw shocks to my system. This time, it was just fucking. Being fucked. It was …. elemental.

I was bouncing by then, up and down, on my toes. I rose up on my elbows and swiveled my ass as Richard entered me and withdrew. I heard him moan; looked back over my shoulder to see him fucking, eyes closed, head back, teeth grinding. He’d never looked that scary to me, before, and I was glad he loved me. As the flames licked at my pussy, I was glad he was fucking me. At that moment……

C: (I don’t care how he fucks me, as long as he fucks me.)

It went on, I don’t know how long. All I could feel was his dick riding me. I felt it in my belly. The heat was everywhere, blasting like a furnace. Raw. He lay himself against my back and wrapped his arms around my shoulders, hugging me to him as he continued to thrust in and out, in and out of me like an automaton. I felt like I was on the tip of this long thick spear that kept impaling me. The sensations were ragged, but they were also, so strong.

I started cumming, bouncing out of control. He came with me, fucking so fast and hard, that the sound of his balls smack against my ass was like thunderclaps. His last jerk—he lifted my hips, and my feet came off the floor for several seconds. For me, it had been fast and hard, one big burst, and then it was over. He continued to grind himself into me for a while, and then, he finally stopped. His breathing was hard, rough. It slowed ….. Finally, he spoke.

R: I’m sorry about that, Cassie. I didn’t mean for it to go that way. I thought
I’d be immune to what I was doing to you. But, it seems I can’t do things
to my wife all day, without wanting to fuck the hell, out of her.

I reached back and held the back of his head, bringing him to me. Twisted around to kiss him.

C: It’s OK. I don’t think, I could take it all the time. But every now and then, I
enjoy a good plowing.

Vol III Breathe

He’d followed her up several flights of stairs watching the cheeks of her ass flex and unflex to their own little beat. It was like her butt was doing the drum dance, just for him. He realized, he’d never really seen her do stairs… she’d always had on a coat. But this, this was so sexy percussive; and by the time they got to her doorway and the last flight, Richard was aroused. As soon as the door closed behind them, he reached up and took hold of her ankle. Stopped her in her tracks, hands on the stairs in front of her.

C: What are you doing?

He came up behind her on the steps, stripping off his coat. She had on a loose skirt and he raised it over her hips. Rubbed her ass.

R: You look, too good. I can’t wait.

Cassie laughed.
C: You can’t wait to get to a bed?
R: No. I been watching that ass for four flights. You’re lucky we made it, this far.

His hand reached in from behind, between her thighs, running over her clit through her panties. Her breath caught and she leaned forward, coming to rest on hands and knees on the steps. Richard bent over her and kissed the back of her neck, came around and sucked in her left ear lobe. She shivered when he tongued inside her ear. He’d recently discovered how easy, her left ear was. His free hand came around to find her breasts and play with her nipples through her top and bra. They got hard, so fast…… he loved that about her breasts.

Cassie brought her head up and back and found his mouth. Stuck her tongue into his mouth and licked at him, flicking his inner cheeks and under his tongue. His hand pulled her panties aside, and he stuck his finger into her, eliciting a long groan and more shuddering through her entire body. Her inner walls got more wet, more slippery, and his finger slid in and out more and more easily. Quicker, harder.

C: Richard…..ohhh……..your finger makes my pussy feel, so good.

He’d played at her breasts a little more, while he corkscrewed his finger inside her. Heard the sounds, she couldn’t help making. He felt all the little twitches and contractions, and couldn’t wait any longer. His dick was threatening to pierce right through his clothes. It wanted to feel all those sensations around it. His pants were unbuckled and down in seconds.
R: Get ready, baby.

Cassie raised her hips and spread her legs. Breathed out……

C: Show me, what you got.

Richard took a second to aim and pushed in.
He was fucking. Hard and fast. All the way in, almost all the way out, and back in again. Every time he shoved in, her ass popped up just a little and jiggled. He grabbed her and squeezed one cheek in each hand. Then, his eyes were closed and his head was back, and he was ramming for all he had. It felt so good, he wanted to laugh. Cassie had begun to grunt with each hit, and each hit was accompanied by a loud slap as his hips and balls slammed against her ass and thighs.

C: Ah…….Ah……….DAMN…………oh damn, Richard………damn. Fuck me!

He came forward to lie on her back, hands wrapped around to find her breasts. Short thrusts, now. Too fast to count.

R: That’s right, baby…….oh………I’m all up in that pussy……fuckin’ that pussy…….

Cassie was bouncing underneath him. Every time he hit all the way, she felt an explosion from the nerves at the base of her slit and it spread up and out through her torso. When he wrapped himself around her, she couldn’t move anymore, and just received explosion after explosion. There were spasms from the nerves that made her pussy clench on him so hard, he moaned.

R: So tight…………….. so tight………

And then, she came. She’d grabbed the handrails along the stairs and just managed to keep from falling. The sound that came out was some kind of strangled, and it pushed Richard over the edge. His last flurry of thrusts were furious, a blur. He dove in deep once, staying….. then back out and in again, straining to get completely into her, again ……once again, circling and grinding his hips against her ass as he strove to shove himself as far into her, as there was space that could be filled. He jerked and growled, and then he was done. She’d whispered,
C: Don’t pull out, yet. Stay…….

It occurred to him, that the last thing he wanted to do was pull out. He’d never wanted to be in somebody, so bad.

Vol IV Promises

I’ll admit it. I love when Richard eats me from behind. I like the mystery of it. When you can’t see what’s coming, it’s all a big surprise. So, his tongue on my clit was not unexpected, but the broad side of his tongue smashing it’s way up my pussy, was. Stopping at my anus, slurping around there for a few seconds, coming back down, massacring my entire pussy. He spread the cheeks of my ass, pushed my legs, further apart. I came up on my elbows.
R: Lay back down. Don’t come up, again.

He ate me. Pulled the lips of my pussy, sucking my clit, until I was foaming. Tongue fucked my slit repeatedly. Probed deeply, licking around the inner walls of my slit. How long can one tongue be?

C: (OH, MY GOD!!!!)

Finally, returning his attention to my ass. He had his thumb in my pussy, pressing against the taint, making it quiver. Meanwhile, he probed at my ass. I wanted to fall apart; just be sloppy and make everything wet. 

I felt it, my legs starting to let go. Loosing the ability to hold my body up. The trembling began; thigh and calf muscles contracting, uncontrollably. And even though I was laying on the bed, I got dizzy and fell down. The internal contractions started, uneven, then ever more even until they were rhythmic. I felt my slit opening and closing in time, waiting for something to come in.

But, nothing came.